Pravin R Prajapati A D Patel Institute of Technology ,Gujarat Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
1. Mr. Shailesh B. Khant Topic:-Simulation and Analysis of SLA-PIN-HBT and APD-HBT Optical Receivers
( Completed in Sep'10)
2. Mr. Ronak R. Vashi Topic:-Analysis , Modeling and Simulation of EDFA and its Performance Ratings
( Completed in JULY 2011)
3. Ms. Palak Patel Topic:-Investigations on Ultra wideband Planar antennas with Partially Reflected Surfaces
4. Ms. Poonam Parmar Topic:-Investigations on Planar coupler with Defected Ground Structures
5. Ms. Nasrin Vohra Topic:-Investigations on Cross Phase Modulation Effect in Fiber Optic Communication System